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Sites with a happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) have a link to Raynald's SPSS Tools!





Carnegie Mellon University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The Department of Statistics hosts StatLib: A system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information by email, FTP and WWW. If you are teaching statistics, you should visit DASL (Data and Story Library), it includes real-world examples that will be interesting to your students. From same university, Howard Seltman has SPSS Tips and Links
Columbia University (NY) happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Lawrence T. DeCarlo, Ph.D. has SPSS macros on univariate and multivariate tests of skew and kurtosis, Mardia's multivariate skew, programs for signal detection models expressed as generalized linear models as well as useful statistical related links 
Connecticut Mental Health Center happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The center is a cooperative endeavor of the state of Connecticut and Yale Medical school Department of Psychiatry. See the Weblinks
Canisius College, Buffalo, NY happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Dr. Paul L. Sauer has links related to Statistical Packages for Marketing Research.
East Carolina University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Dr Karl L. Wuensch's SPSS Links for Students in Psychology. The site also contains SPSS-Lessons and SPSS Programs
Indiana University Searching for "SPSS" results in more than 50 frequently asked questions. There is also a Getting Started with SPSS for Windows Tutorial, see the specialized tutorial section
Kellogg School of Management happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) This is Research Computing's SPSS page
Kenneth Janda (Northwestern University) happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Dr. Janda, a Professor of Political Science,   has a nice collection of links related to US Governments and Politics, Comparative Politics, Research Methods & Data Resources
Miami University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The Miami Computing & Information Services page has SPSS related links.
Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The page of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning
Mississippi State University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Social Science Research Center of the Mississippi State University. This the the SPSS Resource Guide
Mount Holyoke College happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Satya J. Gabriel has Statistics for Economics links.
Newpaltz University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Quantitative methods for Business Research 
Pace University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Psychology links by Alfred W. Ward, Ph.D.
Portland State University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Dr. Brian Stipak's, from the Division of Public administration, has Resource links on Data, Statistics, Statistical Computing, Program Evaluation, Performance Measurement, Performance Auditing.
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Mathematics for the 21st Century includes links on Math References and Software and Tools
Saint John's University, MN happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) This is the Technology Interest Group's page on SPSS Statistical Analysis Software
Southeast Missouri State University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Dr. William E.Snell, Jr. from the Depart. of Psychology has Getting Started with SPSS for Windows pages
Stony Brook State University of New York happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) This page by the Department of Economics lists resources available and links to on-line data sources and information about software used by members of the department.
Tarleton State University - Central Texas happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Computing Services maintain this list of Programming Tutorials and Resources
Trinity University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Michael C. Kearl maintains a comprehensive site titled A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace. See also the Methods, Statistics & the Research Paper
Touro College happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A collection of Mathematics related links
University of California Santa Cruz happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Jerome Jamus from the Santa Cruz Centre for International Economics has links related to Statistical Methods and Political Economy and the Environment.
University of Connecticut happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycle theory Software page. Industrial / Organizational Psychology. The ROPER Center is a Gateway to Social Science Data Resources, this is their DataLink page.
University of Florida happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) See The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics and the Links of the Office of Faculty Enhancement
University of Illinois at Chicago happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The Academic Computing and Communication Center contains various Psychology related links by Linda J. Skitka.
University of Iowa happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) See this document on Basic Techniques and Best Practices for Working with Social Science Data by Ben Earnhart
UCLA's SPSS Pages happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) SPSS Library, Code Fragments, FAQ, Class Notes, Learning Modules, streaming video presentations on SPSS
University of Nevada, Las Vegas happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Kim Barchard, from the Department of Psychology, maintains Emotional Intelligence and statistics links
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill happyFace2.gif (633 bytes)  Links in the Participant Satisfaction Reports Documents page
University of North Florida happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) This is the Web Links of the Office of Faculty Enhancement
University Notre Dame happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Selected links to Economic Homepages and Organizations as well as on software/data.
University of Texas Statistical Support happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Contains about 50 FAQ as well as tutorials on SPSS such as Getting started, Statistics, Displaying Data, Data Manipulation. Links to this site are in Macros and code.
University of Massachusetts, Boston  happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Dr.Eugene Gallagher's site on Environmental, Coastal & Ocean Sciences contains many related links and information.
University of Salisbury happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) IT Help Desk Online re are news archives, this site was mentionned in January 2002
University of Vermont happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The Statistical Software Support and Consulting page contains statistics and SPSS related links
University of Wisconsin - Madisson happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The Data and Programming Library Service offers a list of links for SAS and SPSS Online Resources
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Frank Stetzer has hints on Moving SPSS Work from Unix to Windows.
University of Wisconsin - River Falls happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The Psychology Department has an a nice collection of commented links on Evolutionary Psychology, Clinical, Counseling & Psychological Disorders, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology (research methods) & Statistics and more.
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Dr. M. Plonsky's Site has information on Psychological Statistics, a Hypertext Writing Guide which covers all aspects of the APA format as well as links to Books & Articles and Statistical Software.
Virginia Commonwealth university happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Neil W. Henry offers tips on using SPSS-Windows in the classroom.
Wesleyan University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) This is the University's SPSS resource page.
West Virginia University happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) This is the SPSS Workshop Resource Page