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SPSS Programming and Data Management book

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What is this book?

SPSS Programming and Data Management: 
A Guide for SPSS and SAS Users

The first edition of the book was released by SPSS on January 7th, 2004. Here is the description found on SPSS's site:

SPSS is pleased to announce the availability of "SPSS Programming and Data Management: A Guide for SPSS and SAS Users" written by SPSSX list member, Raynald Levesque, already well known for his practical solutions to complex SPSS programming problems. 

The book reveals the wealth of functionality beneath the SPSS graphical user interface, with detailed examples of command syntax, the macro facility, scripting, and the new Output Management System. Until now, no other book has focused on these features, and many users have been unaware of the data management power and flexibility available in SPSS. The book also contains a chapter for users familiar with SAS, demonstrating how many common data management tasks are performed in both SAS and SPSS.

Although the first 5 editions (for SPSS 12 to SPSS 16) were available in hard copy, this is no longer the case. Only pdf versions are available for SPSS 17 and newer.


Downloading Files

Edition for SPSS 13: download the pdf of 2nd Edition as well as related examples

Edition for SPSS 14: download the pdf of 3rd Edition. The 3rd edition is substantially different from earlier editions, as 50% of the book is dedicated to the Python integration.


Edition for SPSS 18: download the pdf book with examples  (a zip file of 12,408 Ko)

Edition for SPSS 19: download the pdf book with examples  (a zip file of 3,886 Ko)

Edition for SPSS 20: download the pdf book with examples  (a zip file of 6,884 Ko)