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Betty C. Jung's Web site happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A good collection of Biostatistics & Statistics Sites
BioMed Gate happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A lot of Biomedical information, including some on software and online tools such as SPSS links
BioSS happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) BioSS has an international reputation in the field of mathematics and statistics applied in the biological sciences. They have a page on Statistical Training On The Web
Consommation & culture matйrielle, France happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Site sur la psychologie, anthropologie, sociologie, comportement du consommateur et l'acheteur, sociйtй de consommation, publicitй et marketing.
David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) This massive and award winning site has focus primarily on emotional trauma and traumatic stress, including PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), whether following individual traumatic experience(s) or a large-scale disaster. The information is available in 6 languages! This is the statistics page.
Digital Resources for Evaluators happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A very comprehensive list of links compiled by Catherine Callow-Heusser.
EDU2: Math - Stats happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) An impressive collection of links on subjects such as Bayesian, Data analysis, Monte Carlo, Psychstat, Sampling, Stochastic
Finnish Social Science Data Archivehas link to Raynald's SPSS Tools This is the SPSS support page 
Journalinks Useful links for Journalists (Dutch)
KDnuggets happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The KDnugggets News is a leading newsletter on Data Mining, Web Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Decision Support Topics. The web site contains links on Statistical Analysis, Visualization and Web Mining Software as well as a lot of other "fun stuff". happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The technical computing portal for your scientific and engineering needs.
PakMediNet happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The largest database of Pakistani Medical Journals, contains Research Guidelines and Methodology (e.g. Guidelines for Good Epidemiology Practices for Occupational and Environmental Epidemiologic Research)
Psychological Research Online happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) PSY-Lab is maintained by Paul M. Mastrangelo, it is a dynamic internet research center applying psychological theory and tools to study real world issues. Has a lot of interesting information as well as psychology and statistical links
Research Resources for the Social Sciences happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Site offered in partnership by McGraw-Hill and Ryerson. Many links including on General Reference Materials
Software Tutorials Internet Library happyFace2.gif (633 bytes)  Walter Antoniotti, the editor of this site, also offers a Statistics Internet Library , a  Mathematics Internet Library and many more (see the home page
Scientific Web happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Contains a few software links
Social Psychology Network  happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) The largest social psychology database on the Internet. You will find more than 5,000 links to psychology-related resources including Research Methods & Statistics Links. The site is in 4 languages. 
SPSS jatkokurssin materiaalia happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Contains links to SPSS related sites (a Finnish site)
Statistical Science Web happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A searchable directory of resources and information. Here is the section on statistical computing add-on modules.
STATS (STeve's Attempt to Teach Statistics) happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A very comprehensive site on statistics. Pediatric Research, stats linksUsing SPSS to manage your Research data. happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) John C Pezzullo is Associate Professor in the Pharmacology and Biostatistics at Georgetown University. His site includes over 600 links on interactive statistics, Free Software, Books & Manuals, Demo's & Tutorials and Other Links
Yediot Acharonot happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Israel's leading newspaper has SPSS related links