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This page contains links to Consultants. Most of them make use of SPSS.


Anton Balabanov happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Anton Balabanov is from the Dept. of Applied Statistics of the University of Nizhniy Novgorod. Anton is the translator and publisher of Raynald's SPSS Tools in Russian
His fields of activity include consulting, data processing in sociological, marketing, medical surveys and quantitative business analysis.
Method Consult Switzerland Christian Schendera Dr. phil. is the author of 8 books on data validation, data analysis and programming using SPSS/SAS.
Giller happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A data mining consulting firm based in Munich. This URL contains some Data mining links
Idesa consulting happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A Spanish consulting firm, the site contains a fairly extensive list of links related to statistics and statistical software.
HRS Ltd happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Hoare Research Software Ltd: New Zealand's Technical Software Source.
King Douglas Consulting happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) King Douglas is an expert with SPSS programming, Survey Research, Statistics and Sampling methodologies. King did Profiles of 6 SPSS experts 
Ri-vita ConsultinghappyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Kirill Orlov is a consultant based in Moscow. He is a very strong SPSS user. See the macros page and spss related links
SPIKEware happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A consulting firm specializing in SAS software. This is their software links page. They also have statistical and SPSS books for sale.
Statoo Consulting happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Statistical Consulting + Data Analysis Services (Lausanne, Switzerland). They have SPSS related links and a comprehensive list of resources on statistical and data analysis subjects..
WMB & Associates happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) William M. Bailey Ph.D. is a consulting statistician and market analyst.