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Raynald's SPSS Tools

Welcome to my SPSS pages! Support site for the book 
SPSS Programming and Data Management
Purposes of these pages
Share what you know, learn what you don't! I am the author of the above, it is published and distributed by SPSS


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

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(Following are sample FAQ, see the FAQ page for the complete listing)

How do I calculate age?
How do I create an ID or key variable (Value of 1 for case 1, 2 for case 2, etc)
How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the SPSSX-L mailing list?
How do I transfer data to/ from SPSS and ...
How many variables and cases can SPSS for windows handle?
What does SPSS stands for?
Where are the archives of the SPSSX-L list and of the SPSS newsgroup?
Where can I find help on my SPSS problem?
Where can I find the formula used by SPSS to calculate statistics XYZ?
Why is my *.spo file so huge??


Sample SPSS Syntax

Online SPSS Tutorials

Sample syntaxes are classified along the following categories:
  1. Area Under the Curve
  2. Batch Files
  3. Block Designs
  4. Bootstrap and random numbers
  5. Charts and Tables
  6. Cluster Analysis
  7. Combinations, Permutations, Interactions
  8. Compute
  9. Concatenate/modify string variables
  10. Data Editor
  11. DataValidation
  12. Dates and Time
  13. Distributions, Confidence Interval
  14. Export Import
  15. Factor Analysis
  16. Flag or Select Cases
  17. IGRAPH
  18. Item Analysis
  19. Labels, Variable Names and Format
  20. Matching data files
  21. Matrix
  22. Meta Analysis
  23. Multiple responses
  24. Outliers
  25. Parse or Flag Data
  26. Random Sampling
  27. Ranking, Largest values, Sorting, Grouping
  28. Read Write or Create data
  29. Regression, Repeated Measures
  30. Remove Characters, Duplicates or Variables
  31. Restructure File
  32. ROC curves
  33. Sample Size and Power
  34. Self Adjusting Syntax
  35. Strings
  36. Tests of Inequality
  37. Test if file or variable Exists
  38. Transform variable
  39. T-Test
  40. Unclassified
  41. Working With Many Files
  42. Working With Missing Values





Good general Tutorials
  1. Resources to Help you Learn and Use SPSS
  2. Statnotes: An Online Textbook
  3. See the Tutorial page for a complete list

Specialized Tutorials

  1. Practical Analysis of Nutritional
  2. Statistics on Likert Scale Surveys
  3. Statnotes: An Online Textbook
  4. See the Tutorial page for a complete list

Other Sources of SPSS syntax and scripts 


Learning SPSS Syntax

General Learning Resources

  1. Books
  2. Key Items
  3. Mailing List

Syntax Tutorials

  1. Converting string into number
  2. Dates, Time and Age Tutorial
  3. String Manipulation

Standard Data Files

This page is dedicated to SPSS syntax to work with publicly available data files 

  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA)

Debugging Syntax

  1. Common errors and possible solutions
    1. This line of code does not work!
    2. My syntax works on a stand alone basis but fails when called via INCLUDE
    3. My DO IF ... ELSE ...END IF does not give the correct results!
    4. My vectors keep "disappearing"
    5. My SELECT IF does not select the correct cases!
    6. See the Debugging page for a complete listing

Sample Macros

Macro Tutorials

  1. Macro variables
  2. Self adjusting macros
  3. Unclassified
  4. Utilities

Tip: Search for !ENDDEFINE to find all macros in this site (there are more than 140 macros)



  1. The Basics
  2. Macros and the command Terminator
  3. Just (!) A String Parser
  4. Fully Commented Example of a Macro
  5. Replacing a character in many string variables
  6. Modify a macro to handle many variables
  7. Doing arithmetic with macro variables
  8. Another fully commented macro

Debugging Macros

  1. Introduction
  2. Common errors
  3. Things to watch for

Sample Scripts

Learning Scripts

  1. Introduction
  2. Index of Sample Scripts
    1. Autoscripts
    2. Data Document
    3. Dialogs
    4. Distributions
    5. IGRAPH
    6. Import Export
    7. Labels
    8. Long Variable Names
    9. Output Format
    10. Output Document
    11. Printing
    12. Pivot Tables
    13. Syntax Doc 
    14. Transform Data
    15. Utilities
    16. Working With Many Files
  3. Sample Scripts
  4. VB Programs
  1. Introduction
  2. Resources
  3. How to go about learning Scripts?


The asynchronous problem

  1. Description of files used
  2. Illustration of the problem
  3. Possible work around


  1. Self adjusting code


Newbie's Corner

  1. Safeguard the initial data file!
  2. Syntax 1, syntax 2, syntax 3...
  3. My Syntax Window Toolbar
  4. Changing data folder each month?
  5. How to ask data transformation or automation question?
  6. When to use EXECUTE.
  7. About INCLUDE files
  8. How can I apply variable labels and value labels of my old sav file to my new sav file ?
  9. Multi-line comments
  1. Which type of Output Window should I use?
  2. Keep the log!
  3. How do I start learning syntax?
  4. What does DATA LIST LIST /a b c mean?
  5. Pending Transformation
  6. How come nobody answered my question?
  7. Netiquette
    1. Do  Do  Do
    2. Don't  Don't  Don't
  8. Somebody posted a macro but I do not know how to use it
  9. Why can't I just use Excel to do my statistical analysis?



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  2. Some Links

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  3. Links to Programs
  4. Useful Usenet groups
  5. Free Services I use in this site
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Links to Consultants 

Most of these make use of SPSS


Other citing

This page contains links to other Web sites or documents which refer to this Web site but do not contain, as far as I know, SPSS or statistical related information.

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